Fisheries Stewardship Project on the Escalante River

Escalante Utah

Description: We are partnering with Utah DWR to do a fisheries stewardship project on the Escalante River. This is a 3 day, 2 night backpacking event. Purpose: The Escalante River contains multiple diverse and complex aquatic ecosystems. This project will help promote the health of these systems by protecting native fish populations through river and […]

Amazing Earthfest – Extreme Dinosaur Diversity on Laramidia’s Southern Frontier: New Discoveries from Utah’s Grand Staircase


Summary: During much of the Late Cretaceous, Laramidia, the western landmass of North America isolated by the Western Interior Seaway, hosted some of the most diverse dinosaur ecosystems ever uncovered. In addition to spectacular dinosaurs, these fossil assemblages include first appearances of many modern groups of plants and animals, including alligators, birds, and flowering plants, […]

The Backwoods of Everywhere

GSEP HQ _ Escalante 530 West Main St., Escalante, UT

Presentation and discussion by R. E. Burrillo on his new book The Backwoods of Everywhere. R. E. BURRILLO is an archaeologist and conservation advocate. His book Behind the Bears Ears: Exploring the Cultural and Natural Histories of a Sacred Landscape won the ForeWord INDIES Editor's Choice Prize in Nonfiction. Burrillo's writing has appeared in […]

Graffiti Remediation

Escalante Utah

Description: Help GSEP remediate drawn-on and scratched-in graffiti in GSENM. This is a full day that requires hiking. All GSEP volunteers must be fully vaccinated. Purpose: Protected natural spaces are seeing a dramatic increase in visitation along with an increase in uniformed recreation practices like graffiti. Remediating graffiti restores the appearance of natural spaces and […]