Education Programs

Through GSEP’s Education Programs we develop curricula, implement programs, and facilitate educator professional development to connect students, teachers, and people of all ages with the monument’s impressive scientific, historical, and cultural resources. In addition to formal curricula for public schools, we provide activities for out-of-school youth programs and events for curious adults. Lessons and activities that center around monument science connect learners with an incredible real-world laboratory, creating opportunities to build knowledge about the Grand Staircase while developing skills around data collection, data analysis, and critical thinking. Bringing in content on the region’s rich cultural history provides a multifaceted approach to teaching and learning about this special place. In the process, we strive to spark and foster curiosity about the monument, public lands, and the disciplines engaged in exploring these spaces. In our programming, we aim to reach many audiences, who vary by age, geographic location, cultural background, and previous connections to the monument. We want to connect people young and old to the wonders of this region, as well as feed existing appreciation for this region among those who have already had the joy of visiting and connecting to the monument.

Contact our Education Programs Manager, Neak Loucks with questions or to get involved:, (435) 644-2724 or (435) 612-2418, or using the form below.

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