Climate Change

Partners is embarking on a journey to explore the topic of climate change and its impacts in this region and the world as a whole.

Climate Change Series

We need to understand, to the best of our ability, the world around us in order to make meaningful changes.


Resources to learn more:

For Partners’ Climate Change & GSENM Online Learning Module, click here.

For Climate Change in Utah & an Anti-environmental Agenda, click here.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Climate Change

For Partners, this means including climate change in all mission-driven programming land management advocacy related to Grand Staircase. It means considering climate change as we complete our strategic goals, plan our conservation activities, and design educational materials.

What can we do differently to mitigate climate change and plan for necessary adaptation? Is there something we can do in the Escalante watershed to ensure our ecosystems survive drought? Is there something we can do through education to help people better understand how protecting nature is one of the best ways for us to ensure that we are able to live in a climate changing world? These are the kinds of questions we will continue to ask. It is essential that we plan as much as possible—and saving Grand Staircase and public lands is an essential component of our planning.

Ultimately, we are planning for our survival, and the survival of our planet. We hope you will join us.

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Part 1: The ABCs of Climate Change

With the guidance of scientist and educator Christa Sadler, we’ve created a resource for understanding the fundamentals of climate change. Our climate series will cover the role public lands play in climate change mitigation and adaptation. And the best place to start is to know the basics.

Part 2: Climate Change and Public Lands

In this installment of our Climate Change series, we’ll explore the current focus on economic drivers, then explain the importance of public land in climate change mitigation and adaptation. We know from climate science that we can not stop climate change, but we can mitigate impacts and plan for how we will adapt—as a species and a world—to climate change.

For All

Grand Staircase Escalante Partners is committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive environment in our workplace and across the Monument. We recognize the complex and difficult histories that have shaped American public lands, from dispossession of Native lands and forced removal of indigenous communities to create public lands and parks, to the ongoing exclusion of people of color from conservation and preservation movements.

We acknowledge that the area known as Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and its surrounding areas are the ancestral land and historical territory of the Hopi, Zuni, Dine/Navajo, San Juan Southern Paiute, Tesuque Pueblo,  Kaibab Paiute, Ute, Ute Mountain Ute, Jemez Pueblo, and Acoma nations.

We are on a journey to transform our work–to foster diversity through equitable actions that create a just and inclusive environment, within and beyond our organization. Learn more about how we are integrating justice, equity, and inclusion into our work.

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