COVID-19 Policy

The safety of our participants, staff, partners, and communities is the utmost priority for Grand Staircase Escalante Partners. This page outlines the policies, practices, and procedures that will be in place for minimizing risk of COVID-19 exposure during in-person programs. All pandemic specific policies and procedures will be updated to remain consistent with recommended best practices from public health officials (i.e. CDC).



  • Masks required — masks must be worn over both nose and mouth
  • Fully vaccinated — two weeks past the final dose of a vaccine series (e.g. 2 weeks past second Moderna or Pfizer dose, 2 weeks past single J&J vaccine)
  • Household — people inhabiting the same living space
  • Pod — group of individuals, who may or may not live together, who have agreed upon shared behavior to mitigate COVID-19 risk while engaging in unmasked, close proximity interactions with pod members

Community Lectures (indoor and outdoor)

  • Attendees will sit at least 6 feet apart from each other, unless they are from the same household or “pod.”
  • Out of respect for higher risk individuals and/or unvaccinated individuals who may be attending or who may live with others who are attending, masks are required throughout the event regardless of vaccination status..

Education or Volunteer Service Programs in the Field

  • Participants should self-report symptoms and known exposures prior to attending an event. Any participant exhibiting symptoms may not participate in a group program. Unvaccinated participants with known exposure are discouraged from attending.
  • For multi-day programs, participants may be subject to daily temperature checks and symptom screenings.
  • Outdoor Spaces:
    • Individuals who are not from the same household or pod must wear masks when working in close proximity to each other (<10 feet), unless all people in that space have been vaccinated.
    • Individuals who are living, traveling, and/or working as a “pod” are not required to wear masks if they are only in close proximity to people in their household/pod.
  • Indoor Spaces:
    • If engaging in activities within a confined/indoor space, masks are required if any one participant/attendee is not fully vaccinated.
  • Vehicular Travel:
    • Participants are discouraged from traveling in vehicles with people from outside their household. If individuals do choose to travel to program sites with other participants outside their household/pod, GSEP requests that all participants wear masks during that travel. Some research suggests risk may be lowered by traveling with open windows (best practice: all four; 2nd best: the windows opposite where a driver and passenger are seated; read more about air circulation in car travel),
    • Any participants riding in a vehicle with GSEP staff are required to wear masks during travel unless all individuals in the vehicle are fully vaccinated.

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