A visitor to southern Utah since his teenage years, Garett Rose keeps being drawn back to the area. Here—and in Grand Staircase-Escalante in particular—he is struck by the ever-present immediacy of geologic time. It is written into the physical landscape and provides a perspective that is difficult to find anywhere else. Garett was one of the lawyers who worked on the lawsuit to defend the Monument when when the boundaries were reduced in 2017. Through that work and subsequent field visits, he has developed a greater appreciation for the science and climate values of the Monument. To him, GSENM can and should be on the leading edge of ecologically-grounded conservation, and Partners is the only organization that is well-positioned to advance this potential as an on-the-ground advocate. Garett offers his expertise as a member of the Board and donates annually to support the GSEP mission.

– Garett Rose, Board member for Partners

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