“Friends have said they love the slickrock desert because it’s timeless. But the canyons keep changing. Each time I visit my favorite places, I see something new and extraordinary. Fresh layers of sediment banking the creek, washed in by flash floods. A delicate scatter of stone flakes resting in orange sand, chippings left by an arrowhead-maker two hundred or two thousand years ago. A family of three midget faded rattlesnakes decisively heading toward their winter den.

If Grand Staircase existed outside of the flow of time, truly timeless, it wouldn’t need our protection. But this dynamic place responds to the warming climate, to every visitor impact, to management decisions—all this change calling for our attention, our amazement, our concern. All calling for your support of Grand Staircase Escalante Partners.”

– Stephen Trimble, Boardmember for Partners

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