AIRPartners Program Fact Sheet

What can dinosaurs teach us? How do you protect an archeological site? What is “biological soil crust” or a “riparian area”? Perhaps most important, what is the value of science to a child, a teenager, a parent, or anyone at any age? Do you need to be an expert to get involved?

Good questions, all, and each has a place at Grand Staircase Escalante Partners. We focus on scientific research, education, and public participation in stewardship, and by offering several kinds of programs, we strive to reach all ages. We strive to bring citizen science to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

In 2015, our programs include:

  • Education and Outreach — We’re launching Frontier Science School, a curriculum-based education program for local schools, as well as resources and special projects.
  • Site Stewards — We train volunteers to monitor vulnerable archeological and paleontological sites.
  • Paleontology — In the lab as well as the field, we aid Monument scientists in the discovery and care of diverse fossils.
  • Escalante River Watershed Project — Teaming up with local, regional, and federal stakeholders, we help remove invasive species and restore the one-of-a-kind Escalante River watershed.



That’s not all we do, but it’s our focus. It’s our way of engaging people of all interests and abilities in the ideas and practices of science. It’s our way of helping with the preservation and protection of a vast, austere landscape with a spectacular array of scientific and cultural resources.

Speaking of which, check out the Monument online. You’ll find tips for trip planning, directions to visitor centers, and important announcements about current conditions. After all, firsthand experience is a great way to learn about our namesake. But be prepared — it’s remote!