Skills Support

Many of our Skills Support volunteer opportunities can be done anywhere. So if you would like to volunteer but can’t make it to the Monument, then try one of the options below.

Education Program Development

Sign up for this “opportunity” to indicate interest in volunteer tasks related to curriculum development and other education program planning. You may be designing a lesson plan, helping identify costs of program materials, and other logistical tasks.

Help Make GSEP Videos More Accessible

Sign up here. You will be captioning videos that GSEP releases so that those that are hearing impaired can understand our video content. Training will be provided.

Graphic Design Support

Sign up here. Please only apply if you have skills or training in graphic design. Any work that you do will not be used on merchandise to be sold for profit. All credit for designs will be given to the graphic designer.

Photography/Videography Skills

Sign up here. You may be taking photos for our website or other publications or helping create educational videos about the Monument.

Data Entry

Sign up here. You will aid in Data Entry for various GSEP Programs. Any training needed will be provided.

Become a Volunteer Today

If you are interested in staying in the loop about volunteer events, you can sign up for this opportunity by clicking the button below. When you are registered, we will send out a monthly email to those in the group about upcoming opportunities!

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