DOWNRIVER: An E-Book by Don Rommes




This new book is a celebration of the beauty, solitude, stillness, and occasional transcendence to be found in the Escalante canyons. Coming at a time when the country’s publicly owned lands are facing new existential threats, it is a timely reminder of the significance of wild places.
Downriver is a collection of gorgeous color photographs, maps, and personal anecdotes drawn from the author’s decades-long experience exploring the Escalante canyons. An inventive new take on the traditional coffee table book, Downriver is an interactive product that utilizes the expanded capabilities of digital book design. Clicking on a photograph’s title reveals an anecdote or informative caption. Clicking on the MAP icon takes the reader to the place on the included maps where the photograph was taken, and vice-versa.
Downriver is available by download in either:
– epub format (requires free epub reader like iBooks for Mac or Adobe Digital Editions for PC) or
– PDF format (best for computers, but interactivity may not work with mobile devices).
The book consists of 131 pages and 121 photographs.