Occasionally, as an opportunity presents itself with additional resources, Partners helps design and lead special projects that serve local communities in ways not otherwise supported by our programs. What follows is a short list of examples, including the partnerships behind the projects. Please contact Education Coordinator Jeff Muse at (435) 644-1302 or jeffmuse@gsenm.org if you have ideas of your own. Perhaps we can work together!

Native Plant Restoration

A joint venture with local schools and the Bureau of Land Management, this Partners’ project aims to restore native vegetation on sites in or near Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. In 2013, the Captain Planet Foundation and the PBS program “This American Land” collaborated to produce a video about our efforts that is available to view here (scroll down to the Native Plant Restoration Project).

Digital Research Library

Thanks to the efforts of the Bureau of Land Management, Partners, and hard-working volunteers such as Barbara Mossinghoff, who collected more then 500 digital versions of scientific research papers, the public now has unrestricted access to a remarkable collection. Click here to visit Southern Utah University’s Sherratt Library for wide-ranging resources detailing Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Southern Utah Oral History

This oral history project was among the Monument’s first initiatives. Since 1998, historians have gathered nearly 300 interviews from longtime residents, documenting cultural ties to wild country in and around the Monument. In 2010, Partners helped add two dozen more histories, all of which can be accessed at Southern Utah University’s Sherratt Library by clicking here.