Partners and the BLM welcome volunteers from all walks of life. Whatever your interests, we’ve got a volunteer opportunity to match you! 

Visitor Centers

Do you enjoy helping visitors? Would you like to meet people on an international level? If so, we invite you to volunteer at a GSENM Visitor Center! With four locations scattered around Southern Utah – Kanab, Big Water, Cannonville, and Escalante – there are lots of opportunities to meet new people and help introduce others to the wonders and adventures waiting for them to discover in GSENM. For more information, contact Craig Tanner at (435) 826-5624. 

Calf Creek Campground Host

It’s always fun to go camping! Turn your love of camping into a wonderful opportunity to give back and volunteer as a Calf Creek Campground Host. To sign up, contact Craig Tanner at (435) 826-5624. 

Paleontology Lab

If you’ve ever wanted to work with dinosaur bones and help “bring them back to life,” here’s your chance!  The GSENM Paleontology lab needs help with preparing specimens found in the fossil-rich badlands of the Kairparowits over the last ten years. Those with a steady hand and the patience of Job are encouraged to apply for this exacting (but rewarding) work. Must be at least 18 years old. Free training sponsored by the Utah Museum of Natural History will be held in the near future to instruct everyone on the latest techniques.  To volunteer, call GSENM paleontologist Dr. Alan Titus at 435-644-1219. 

Site Steward Program

Partners has designed and is coordinating a Site Steward program in the Kanab-Big Water and Cannonville-Escalante portions of the Monument that enables monitoring of the many archeological, paleontological, and historical sites there for damage. Volunteers are trained and then assigned sites where they regularly check for destruction caused by natural erosion, animal activity, looting, or vandalism, and they report findings to a GSENM archaeologist.

If you are interested in becoming a Site Steward or just want more information about this valuable program, call the Site Steward Coordinator, Jeff Frey, at (435) 644-1306. 

General info

If you think you might like to be involved in this or other science-based projects, or if you’re new to GSEP volunteering, you can sign up by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. If you’ve volunteered before, simply contact Partners at 435-644-1308. 

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