In an effort to reduce damage to archaeological and paleontological sites in the Monument, Partners designed and coordinates the Site Steward Program. Volunteers are trained to inspect their assigned sites for signs of damage caused by natural erosion, animal activity, looting, or vandalism. Findings are reported to a Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument archaeologist or to law enforcement.

Site Stewards have been trained in the proper procedures for monitoring and recording sites and monitor sites in Kane County and the Escalante area of Garfield County. These sites include rock art panels, habitations, storage granaries, and even an historic town site. Seven paleontological sites have been added to the monitoring program as well.

The volunteers who make this program possible are major contributors to the protection of Utah’s invaluable cultural and scientific resources. For information about the program or to volunteer, contact Jeff Frey at (435) 644-1306 or