The Escalante River, a unique ribbon of green, winds through a vast desert landscape and is a vital source of water for both natural communities and the residents of the towns of Boulder and Escalante.  In 2010, Partners joined a multi-jurisdictional effort to restore the Escalante Watershed and is a key partner in the Escalante River Watershed Project. For information on the project, you can check out the Escalante River Watershed Project’s website, or like them on Facebook.



In 2015, ERWP had their largest presence yet with 80 crew members removing about 7 miles of invasive species from the riverbank. They’re right on track to finish in 2018, too.

Last year, The Nature Conservancy of Utah presented ERWP with their Conservation Partnership Award, the Utah Chapter’s highest honor.

This January, ERWP Project Coordinator Kristina Waggoner was honored as a finalist for the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps Champion of the Year for 2016. Kris has been involved in Russian olive and other invasive species removal since before the Partnership formed. Today, on behalf of Partners, she works closely with public lands managers to oversee the ERWP’s Escalante River Restoration Project.