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Since our founding in 2004, Partners has offered diverse activities in education and outreach for local, regional, and international audiences. We’ve been successful by being experimental — a field trip here, a service-learning project there, plus our curriculum-based Discovery Trunks, special events, and more. We’re proud of the thousands of people we’ve reached, especially schoolchildren, so we’ll continue to assist our primary partner, the Bureau of Land Management, with youth-oriented activities at the Monument’s four visitor centers.

But we’re also becoming more strategic. In 2015, Education Coordinator Jeff Muse is organizing a team of volunteers with expertise in subjects relevant to the Monument — biology and paleontology, stream restoration and sustainable ranching, government work and private business. Call them “partners” with a concern for public lands. They’re folks with firsthand experience in exploring and caring for such places. They’re good people with good ideas, and they’re eager to learn, teach, and mentor.

With their support, we introduce:

  • Frontier Science School — A curriculum-based education program that helps schools in southern Utah and northern Arizona explore Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the nearby wildlands of the Colorado Plateau
  • Resources for Teachers, Educators, and Science Enthusiasts — Discovery Trunks in archeology and paleontology, online curricula, multimedia resources, and other tools for exploring science, nature, and public lands
  • Special Projects — Native plant restoration with local communities, oral history recordings, a digital research library, and more

Give Us a Call

Depending on our budget and time, representatives from Grand Staircase Escalante Partners may be available for community events, festivals, and other kinds of informal outreach. Please contact Education Coordinator Jeff Muse at (435) 644-1302 or